OBM Starch Vn1414B


 PackEx-TB1414-B® is a specific blend of proprietary corrugator performance enhancing ingredients, specially formulated to provide a complete water resistance, excellence green bonding corrugating adhesives. It provides higher speeds and improved bonding on all grades of paper including heavy weight, hard sized substrates and better strength of carton boxes.

Customer benefits

  1. Eliminates critical/precise mixing cycle
  2. Requirement – freeing up the starch man to perform other duties
  3. Avoids unnecessary chemical inventories
  4. Plant safety is enhanced
  5. Reduces adhesive storage requirement and spoilage
  6. Improved profit, higher selling price for higher quality
  7. Cost savings by the use of less expensive paper and less scrap

Environmentally Friendly:

  • Practically undetectable VOC and free formaldehyde levels.
  • Odorless - No smell at the corrugators' production line.
  • No health hazardous emission from the board.
  • Accepted by FDA for food contact.
  • Permits corrugated board recycling.
  • Usable with recycled and chemical papers.

  • Appearance : White fine powder
  • Moisture : 14 % max
  • pH (solution 4%) : 6.0 - 8.0
  • Shelf life : 12 months (ventilated and cool storage with closed container)
  • Simplicity of preparation
  • Complete carrier starch
  • Eliminates critical mixing sequences
  • Eliminates the handling of caustic soda
  • Allows the formulation of smaller batches of corrugating adhesives


  • Waterproofed bond –highest level of waterproofing (WP) according to:
  • FEFCO No. 9 test.
  • TAPPI -T812- ply separation wet - soak test.
  • Improves wet PAT (Pin Adhesion Test).
  • Improves wet BCT (Box Crush Test).



  • Mandatory for fresh food, fruits and vegetable packaging.
  • For packaging stored or transported in refrigerators.
  • For packaging stored outside in humid condition.

Mft by MK Technology, Viet Nam.

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