The Application Of Denatured Starch

Starch is processed from grains such as corn, wheat, rice, .... from tubers such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, and others. Starch is white to light yellow, exists as a powder with many different shapes such as round, flattened, and angled. The size and shape of the grain distinguish which is a starch made from the raw material.

Starch is composed of two main chemical components: a compound of straight-chain glucose (amylose) and branched-chain glucose (amylopectin), and other starches also contain low amounts of fatty acids, proteins, and inorganic salts.

To promote the multi-faceted effects of starch, people have used many methods to improve the physical and chemical of starch. Create a new starch with new features and easy to use, this is called denatured starch.


Starch Applied In History 

For a long time, we have been known to use starches like glue to increase the strength of paper as well as reduce the ruffled fiber phenomenon on the paper.

The simple principle is that on both starch and cellulose molecules that exist hydroxyl (OH-). The OH- attract each other to form a cellulose-cellulose starch bond, which is more stable than the cellulose-cellulose bond.

in the mill, when adding starch into the equipment that mainly makes the resin glue precipitate, increasing the waterproofing effect, while the original starch has no such effect.

Nowadays, there are denatured starches that have chemicals to help improve the physical and chemical properties of paper, so people will limit the use of resin by resin glue.

How made denatured Starch?

denatured starch can be processed by different physical, chemical, or biological methods. In general, denatured starch help improves the quality of paper function. Denatured starch is easy to use and combines many features in a single product.

Application of Modified Starch In Industries

In the food industry: Used as an additive for the confectionery and canning industries.

In construction: Starch is used as a concrete binder, increasing the cohesion for clay, limestone, used as wood adhesives, plywood additives, paint additives.

Applications in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries: Starch is used as bleaching powder, makeup, additives for soap, face creams, excipients.

Applications in the mining industry: Starch is used as an additive for mineral flotation, the emulsion solution in oil and gas drilling solution.

Applications for the paper industry: Starch is used to make surfactants, ash-free ingredients for paper, and diaper products for children.

Application in textile industry: Starch used in fabric sizing, printing.

Application in agriculture: Used as a swelling agent, moisturizing soil and crops against drought.

Other uses: Starch is used as biodegradable plastic film, dry battery, tanning, hot melt glue, binding agent, die casting, metal sintering additive.



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