AKD Waterproof Glue Increase Water Resistance For Paper-Packaging

Paper is a widely used product in human life. Production of the majority of paper used in the field of culture and information such as books, newspapers, writing paper, magazines, ... used for packaging fields and supplied to other companies such as food, construction, electricity, electronics, chemicals and many more.

Besides, the work of integrating into the world's civilization, human needs are increasing so the industry is constantly developing. Accordingly, the paper industry is also developing too. And we want to improve the water-resistance of paper, factories often use AKD waterproof glue.

Using AKD Waterproof Glue Help Increase The Mechanical Properties Of Paper

The paper's mechanical strength denotes its ability to withstand the external forces of the paper. The paper's mechanical and mechanical criteria include: tensile strength, platform strength, tear resistance, folding resistance, stretch resistance, compression resistance expressed in the ring compressive strength. Paper's mechanical strength is the most important property of most paper.


To improve the mechanical properties of the paper, we need to use chemical additives for the pulp to create a better product. When the pulp mixture is dried without the use of any additives, the resulting paper product is very easy to disintegrate, unable to retain the paper shape after pressing and drying anymore. So it is necessary to AKD Waterproof Glue which helping the paper to be stronger and better quality.

AKD waterproof glue is the solution to remove the water that will be made the paper is wetted and caused the paper to melt into the original cellulose fibers. The purpose of the AKD waterproof glue is so that the water molecules reduce the penetration of each cellulose of the paper.

Common products for internal gluing are AKD, ASA, and resin.

AKD Waterproof Glue Used For Most Paper Types

Most paper and cardboard, except for tissue paper like toilet paper, but every paper need to be waterproof.

An input of glue to meaning as the process of using chemicals to give the paper this waterproof performance. 

When the chemicals into the dough suspension and retained on the fiber surface in the wetting of the engine, this process is called input of glue internal. On the contrary, this process is the input of glue external.

Nowadays, AKD waterproofing glue is usually using more and more. It's very interesting because it allows the use of CaCO3 filler with many advantages. 

The structure of AKD is an unsaturated ketone. The synthesis involves the preparation of carboxylic chloride acids, followed by the condensation reaction of the lactone ring through the formation of an acid intermediate by the separation of hydro halogen ides in an organic solvent. AKD Waterproof Glue is forehead with cellulose fear layers that help prevent water penetration for paper.

AKD Waterproof Glue Products Of Thuan Phat Hung

AKD Plus -15® is a reactive size alkyl ketene dimer in emulsion form, manufactured by a completely new technology with a solid concentration of 15%, containing a high content of alkyl ketene dimers. However, the viscosity of the solution was controlled at a relatively low level to help the glue be dispersed well in the paper suspension. In addition, the low viscosity also makes it easy and convenient to inject solutions with a metering pump or other standard equipment. Therefore, it is a highly effective adhesive in most paper production systems in neutral and alkaline environments. This adhesive is compatible with most of the preservation systems currently applied in paper mills today.



Rosize-Plus 30® is a positively charged (Cation) resin-based emulsifier and stabilized polymer emulsifier for internal sizing and surface sizing for printing paper, writing paper and wrapping paper. envelope. With Cationic charge and high strengthened

Rosize-Plus 30® is a new generation resin-based intermediate colloid with many outstanding features of retention, adhesive stability, less foaming, less alum required, stable in wide pH range from 4.0 to 6.5 (where optimal pH is from 5.5 to 6.0), ... It is effectively used in internal and surface sizing. Produced by the MK TECHNOLOGY chemical factory of Thuan Phat Hung Company in Vietnam, Rosize-Plus 30® is less sensitive to the temperature of the powder compared to other traditional glues.

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