How important starch to produce the paper packaging?

Nowadays, we know things to produce paper packaging must have much raw material. Not only need waste paper of recycling but also need adjuvant for the paper packaging, such as starch for paper packaging.

Today, most of the factory needs to favorable, reduce cost material and so on. They are going to choose the product to solve for a quicky and fewer expenses, such as denatured starch.


Definition Of Denatured Starch

Starch is processed from grains such as corn, wheat, rice, .... from tubers such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, and others. 

To promote the multi-faceted effects of starch, people have used many methods to improve the physical and chemical of starch. Create a new starch with new features and easy to use, this is called denatured starch.



How many a denatured starch?

Not only a denatured starch to use produce writing paper, toilet paper, ... but also it uses to produce paper packaging. To produce paper or paper packaging which needs different starch, every starch will have other characteristics. So, we need to choose suitably starch for produce.

To ensure the quality of each different paper, Thuan Phat Hung will divide denatured starch into two different types, namely denatured starch for paper and denatured starch for packaging.


Why Need Denatured Starch To Produce Packaging?

Paper packaging needs to have firmness, high elasticity, good bearing capacity as well as resistance to the disintegration of paper, ... To meet these basic properties when producing paper packages. Manufacturers will choose starch or denatured starch.

Starch is usually made entirely of 100% pure tapioca.

Denatured starch is refined from tapioca flour and added chemical additives to improve the physical, chemical, and biological properties of paper.

Today, in order to reduce the raw materials when beating, mixing flour that factories have gradually turned to denatured starches. The main reason is using denatured starch to make packaging which helps stick the paper layers together to create a solid sheet of paper. Ensuring the needs of customers to use packaging.

In addition, we can use milk glue, C300, Silicate, ... to stick the paper layers together. But these products will not guarantee an improvement in the basic physical features of the packaging.


Denatured Starch For Produce Packaging Of Thuan Phat Hung

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