Advantage Of Using The Paper Packing

Nowadays, the environment needs to we were protected. The pollution environment has made for many animals were died as well as our life also has affected. To reduce garbage, the Government encourages using paper packing because it is easier to destroy than plastic bags. Moreover, paper bags were produced from waste paper, it's very friendly to the environment.

According to VPPA, the quantity of using paper bags more and more occupy 85% of the market share paper packing.



Advantages of paper bags:
1. Paper packing is suitable for the most common products. It has many sizes for each product, we can design paper packing for us demand that easy using as well as containing the product.
2. Paper packing also has high durability, therefore it can be sustained shape look like at first and protect the product inside.
3. Guarantee transport long-distance, paper bags can prop shock.
4. Paper packing isn't harmful to the environment as well as the heathy's human. Paper packing has been produced by wood or paper recycle so that it hasn't make polluted for the environment.
5. Paper packing can recycle more than 5 times that saving the cost of raw material, protecting the environment, reducing a deforest.
6. Using the paper packing that helping develop the company in part, improves the customer's insight into your company.