With experience of over ten years of manufacturing and supplying chemical additives to paper making industry with a guideline: “One address for full range of chemicals” , Thuphahu corp  becomes a reliable address for paper mills. There is no need to spend much time to search various suppliers of chemicals  for their production, but only one contact to us, not only chemicals but also technical services are available for any requests for optimum performance and competitive cost. As recognized leading manufacturer and exporter of the specialized chemicals in Viet Nam and ASEAN, we will strike to expand our market to other areas all over the world in the coming time.


In seafood and food processing factories, food safety, workers and environment are the top priorities of any manufacturers. Besides modern production processes, well trained workers, cleansers used in cleaning the equipments, floors, clothes, worker hands…are also important factors to ensure the safety.

Thuphahu Corp is the first among the manufacturers  in Viet Nam, to produce the specialized cleansers under the trademark: “ DAVEX, Green & Clean “ which are environment friendly and effective. Our range of products can satisfy the standards of safety, various cleansing application and easy to handle.

Our R& D constantly develops new products with higher effects and standards.

In the paper, if raw materials, chemicals, machinery, man,... is a necessary condition to create a standard sheet of paper as desired, the measuring equipment for laboratories is sufficient to check performance of the whole process. This has unintentionally represent a cost of about great in the production process that they themselves do not control. That is why, the measurement equipment for the paper industry was born.

We are one of the recognized manufacturers and exporters of native tapioca starch, modified Starches, Dextrins and Cold Water Soluble Starch Adhesives for various applications. We are supported by a sound infrastructure, well equipped manufacturing unit and a professional team which enable us in producing bulk range of quality products and make them easily reachable to the clients.  Our range of products produced by the modification of native tapioca starch find a broad spectrum of applications in various industries. Modified starch, also called starch derivatives, are prepared by physically, enzymatically, or chemically treating native starch, thereby changing the properties of the starch.

Starches are modified to enhance their performance in different applications. Starches may be modified to increase their stability against excessive heat, acid, shear, time, cooling, or freezing; to change their texture; to decrease or increase their viscosity; to lengthen or shorten gelatinization time; or to increase their visco-stability.

They are used primarily in the foods, paper, textile, adhesive, medical and personal care.


With a firmed foundation, Thuphahu Corp has been developing chemical solutions to the corrugated industry in order to impart special functionalities to corrugated boards and increase the production capacity. Our range of products include native starch, modified starch, Starch additives which are widely applied to improve starch performance, bonding quality, and water resistance properties. Our company also provides onsite technical services to ensure the optimum performance and effects to corrugating paper mills. We continuously develop and provide the most advanced chemical additives and technical solutions to our corrugated manufacturers.

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